The World Is Not Enough – The Most Travelled James Bond

Posted on November 2, 2015


The latest James Bond film SPECTRE sees oo7 visit some incredible locations, including Mexico City and Altaussee, Austria. However, James Bond has always been an international traveller, his adventures taking him to the farthest corners of the planet (and occasionally off it) all in the name of saving the world. But just how far has oo7 gone in all his years and who of all the actors to play Bond has gone the furthest?

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Well, thanks to a bit of digging by long-haul travel specialist Hayes & Jarvis you can now find out. They’ve created a wonderful interactive site that lets you explore the world of Bond’s jet-setting, with the option to explore by film or by actor.

Not only does the site provide you with the distances and times of these journeys, but it also supplies you with a list of spy-worthy activities to enjoy whilst you’re there.

Unsurprisingly, with seven films to his name, it is Sir Roger Moore who tops as the most travelled Bond, clocking up an impressive 305,516 miles (well, he did go into outer space)…

Sir Rog

whilst our current incumbent oo7, Daniel Craig, is not far behind, 48,742 miles under his Tom Ford belt (excluding his recent travels in SPECTRE).


Pierce takes third place, with 36,451 miles in just four films…


whilst Connery only comes in at 30,815. If only he hadn’t carried his air conditioner with him into the space craft in You Only Live Twice – he’d have almost certainly given Roger a run for his money.


Sadly, Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby don’t come anywhere close with just 18,669 and 4,234 miles respectively.

Lazers Tim

Visit the site and have a look for yourselves.


Thanks to Blueclaw and Hayes & Jarivs for the heads up.