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Hudson Hotel, NYC.

August 7, 2010


If you happen to find yourself heading to New York and needing a hotel to stay in, why not book yourself in to The Hudson Hotel on West 58th, just a stone’s throw from Central Park? Here the rooms are bijou but you don’t go to New York to sit in your room, do you? […]

A Night Behind Bars – I take a look at some of Sydney’s best watering holes.

August 1, 2010


There are so many wonderful bars to choose from in Sydney and it’s simply impossible to cover them all. However, here’s my personal pick of a few of them. Zeta Bar – I was here last year and I have to say it was fantastic. I had what has to be one of the top […]

Five Easy Peaces – Chill out in one of Casacinco’s five unique rooms.

July 29, 2010


Mention a holiday in  the South of Spain and many of us would be forgiven for getting images of the beaches of the Costa Del Sol, crammed to capacity with sweaty, lobster-pink Brits. Not particularly my cup of tea, but if that’s your idea of a holiday, then more power to you. However, for those […]

Open the cover on The Secret Life of Words.

July 24, 2010


Ever wondered about the origins of our words? Just what is it that makes English such an adaptable, fluid language? Well, wonder no more, because, thankfully, Henry Hitchings has written a wonderful volume on just this very subject, delving into the rich history of the English language. This is by no means the first book to […]

Shine a light for Hero & Leander.

July 5, 2010


We’re probably all familiar with the ill-fated lovers Hero and Leander, and here is a band worthy of a moniker that conjures up the tragic romanticism of their story. They produce quirky, fun, summery songs with just a hint of melancholy, in the vein of Architecture in Helsinki, Camera Obscura or perhaps Belle and Sebastian. […]

Blowup – Antonioni’s seminal 60s film is no let down.

May 9, 2010


Blowup (1966) is Michelangelo Antonioni’s first English language feature and is arguably his most famous film. Inspired by Julio Cortazar’s 1959 short story, Las Babas del Diablo and set firmly in the Swinging Sixties, it centres around the day in the life of a fashion photographer, who, as he takes photographs in a otherwise peaceful park, […]