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May 17, 2017


The long-awaited Prometheus sequel/Alien prequel, Alien: Covenant is finally upon us and the expanse between the bloated, operatic, theological brain fart that was Prometheus and the claustrophobic, tightly-told seminal space horror of Alien has attempted to have been bridged by the director of both films, Ridley Scott.

THE BMW i3 – The Electric Car With Plenty of Spark

November 27, 2013


The electric car. Something about it conjures up images of late Seventies science fiction in which we would all be eating protein pills, communicating via our walkie-talkie wrist watches, and lounging around in our silver onesies. Whilst this rather optimistic view of our future seems somewhat quaint today, the truth is that many of the […]

Designing the Future – The production design of 2001: A Space Odyssey

September 28, 2010


On my tenth birthday I had a friend come to stay for a sleepover. One of the things we were planning to do was to stay up and watch a movie (or a video as we called them back then.) My mum took us to the video shop (for those of you too young to […]

Living Homes: Design-driven, ecological solutions to modern housing.

September 20, 2010


  One of the biggest problems many of us face when considering purchasing a home is compromise. We compromise on the design, the location, the affordability. For the environmentally conscious of us, we recognize that many new builds are often wasteful and damaging to the environment. For those of us who lust after the modernism of the […]

Stark Modernism – Tony Stark’s Malibu home from Iron Man.

September 8, 2010


It’s no secret that I am a fan of Modernist architecture and of  all the great architects of this movement, I have to say that John Lautner is one of my favourites. It is something of a dream to live in one of his creations, all sweeping concrete and majestic views. So, which of his […]

Mad World – The production design of Mad Men.

September 8, 2010


To celebrate the UK premier of Mad Men’s 4th season tonight, I thought I’d take a look at the simply incredible production design of the series. Seldom has a television series looked as stunning as Mad Men. For those that have been living under a rock for the last three years, Mad Men focuses on […]

Askew views – Alan Fletcher’s Art of Looking Sideways

May 8, 2010


Where to start with The Art of Looking Sideways? Well, the answer is pretty much anywhere. A compilation of thoughts, ideas and observations from legendary graphic designer Alan Fletcher, this is not a book that requires reading from start to finish, more of  a lucky dip which you can open at random to discover something new […]