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The World Is Not Enough – The Most Travelled James Bond

November 2, 2015


The latest James Bond film SPECTRE sees oo7 visit some incredible locations, including Mexico City and Altaussee, Austria. However, James Bond has always been an international traveller, his adventures taking him to the farthest corners of the planet (and occasionally off it) all in the name of saving the world. But just how far has oo7 […]

A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY – Ralph McQuarrie, Star Wars’ Conceptual Artist Passes Away.

March 4, 2012


It is fairly safe to say that there have been few films that have made such a cultural impact upon their release as Star Wars.There are literally millions of people of a certain age for whom Star Wars wasn’t just a film; it was their fairytale, their playtime fantasy and the steady stream of water […]

Askew views – Alan Fletcher’s Art of Looking Sideways

May 8, 2010


Where to start with The Art of Looking Sideways? Well, the answer is pretty much anywhere. A compilation of thoughts, ideas and observations from legendary graphic designer Alan Fletcher, this is not a book that requires reading from start to finish, more of  a lucky dip which you can open at random to discover something new […]

Erró message.

May 6, 2010


Collage is an interesting art form. It’s not always highly regarded by critics, although there are some fine exponents of the medium out there. As an example, currently on display at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, is a collection of works by the Icelandic artist, Erró, spanning some 50 years using the medium. Erro uses […]