LONDON COLLECTIONS: MEN – The English Gentleman at The Cabinet War Rooms

Posted on January 8, 2014


During the tense days and nights of Second World War, Prime Minister Winston Churchill led the British war effort from the Cabinet War Rooms, a secure and secret bunker beneath the government offices, just off Horse Guard’s Road in London. An underground maze of rooms and offices, the Cabinet War Rooms were a source of secret strategies, plotting and planning, from which Churchill planned defenses, gave speeches and rallied the nation against the London bombings and the impending threat of Nazi invasion.


It is from these rooms that the steely British reserve was fortified and where a true gentleman led our nation to victory. So it is perhaps fitting that the Churchill War Rooms (as they are now known) should play host to a celebration of that British tradition and fortitude in the shape of The English Gentleman at The Cabinet War Rooms.


Taking place on the second day of London Collections: Men, with admission at the discretion of the Duty Officer, The English Gentleman at The Cabinet War Rooms marked the second year of the partnership between Chivas deluxe blended Scotch whisky and Savile Row Bespoke Association, and presented an opportunity for the tailors of Savile Row and St. James’ to show off their skills along with London’s best shirt makers, shoe makers and hatters. Their creations combined the traditional tailoring skills and heritage with contemporary cues to create ensembles that were both timeless and modern.


A similar approach was taken by Chivas, who offered their superlative 18 Year Old blended whisky neat, as well as in a selection of sartorially inspired cocktails served by glamorous usherettes dressed appropriately in outfits of the era. The Cocktail Cuff, Chivas Three Piece and the Savile Row Classic made a welcome return, demonstrating once again that Scotch does indeed mix well.


Whisky wasn’t the only thing mixing either, as celebrities and distinguished gentlemen mingled in the rooms and corridors of Churchill’s historic wartime HQ. The only code that might have been broken here was the dress code, but true to Churchill’s speech, every man and woman did their duty.


Sir Elton John, Dermot O’Leary, Oliver Cheshire, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Stubbs, Lulu, and Michael Heseltine were in all in attendance, whilst Sir Michael Gambon, A. A. Gill, David Furnish, Sir John Standing, Oliver Cotton and Kenneth Cranham proved to be good sports by re-enacting a tactical strategy meeting in the Chief Of Staff’s Conference Room.


Over the course of 2014, Chivas and Savile Row Bespoke Association will continue to create events to promote and inspire appreciation for the art and heritage of tailoring, something of which I’m sure Churchill would have been proud of.


Take a look back at the launch of the association between Chivas and the Savile Row Bespoke Association here.