Hero & Leander – Live review.

Posted on November 22, 2010


I was lucky enough to catch the truly wonderful Hero & Leander when they played The Enterprise in Camden last Friday.

I’ve mentioned this fantastic six-piece on these pages before, but they certainly warrant another mention, because this is a band you really do have to catch live.

Hero & Leander have a palpable enthusiasm for what they do. They simply seem to genuinely enjoy themselves up on stage and this sense of uninhibited playfulness is utterly infectious. You really can’t help but smile when watching and listening to them play.

Singer Gary Cansell blurs the line between the band and the audience.

Hero & Leander have that rare quality of a band where everything just gels. There’s no pretension, no oneupmanship. This band is comprised of talented musicians who are all there to support one another and simply make the best music they can.

And it is great music. Their songs have a carefree, exuberant quality that lifts you up and carries you along and hearing them live, their songs take on an extra dimension. Every element just works, from the beautiful harmonies of the two vocalists, to the imaginative percussion and time signatures, the meandering bass, the guitar lines and keyboard melodies.

Do yourself a favour and catch these guys while you still can see them in an intimate venue, because they won’t be playing small rooms for very long.



Photo credit: Catherine Williams.

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