Mojo Mojito

Posted on July 29, 2010


I was recently asked to provide my Mojito recipe to someone as their own recipe wasn’t doing the trick. Most Mojito recipes are fairly standard across the board, although I’ve had some fantastic ones and some fantastically bad ones. However, mine’s fairly decent comparatively. So, if you want to put the mojo back into your Mojito, here’s my recipe for you all to share.

For my Mojito you will need a sturdy tall glass, a muddling stick, lots of limes, lots of mint, premium white rum, angostura bitters, good soda (I use a good mineral water such as San Pellegrino), agave syrup (which is also good in Margaritas), lots of crushed ice, a straw, sunshine and a nice spot to kick back in.

Cut up your lime into wedges and squeeze the juice into your glass with a generous amount of syrup. (This depends on taste. Some people like fine sugar, others like course sugar which doesn’t completely dissolve  and has a bit of crunch – personally, I like the syrup or very fine sugar.) Add your mint in whole leaves and muddle. Remember not to rip the leaves. It’s the essential oil you’re after and ripping the leaves “bruises” the oil and diminishes the flavour. Fill the glass up with crushed ice. Pour in as much white rum as you like (I like mine strong – generally 4 standard measures.) Stir gently about 15 times. Top with your soda. Add a dash of bitters. Add some more crushed ice (the stirring and the soda will settle it down, so you’ll want to top it up.) Garnish with mint and a wedge of lime. Add a straw.

Sit back and enjoy.

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