Five Easy Peaces – Chill out in one of Casacinco’s five unique rooms.

Posted on July 29, 2010


Mention a holiday in  the South of Spain and many of us would be forgiven for getting images of the beaches of the Costa Del Sol, crammed to capacity with sweaty, lobster-pink Brits. Not particularly my cup of tea, but if that’s your idea of a holiday, then more power to you.

However, for those of us who prefer something a little different, why not hire a car and get yourself to the town of Vejer de la Frontera? Vejer, to give it its more commonly used name, is an absolutely stunning fortified Andalusian Pueblo Blanco, or white town, that sits atop a low hill, affording panoramic views of the Spanish countryside and out across the Straits of Gibraltar.

Casacinco in Vejer de la Frontera.

Vejer’s architecture is redolent of the period of Moorish rule, and Casacinco,with its stone flagging, open air courtyard and roof terrace, is a fine example of this. However, Casacinco is not merely some recreation of an era long gone. Whilst the building has been lovingly renovated from a near ruin and many of the original features remain,  it has been injected with the vibrant and eclectic style of its owners. The whitewash remains in place, but don’t be surprised to see David Bailey’s infinitely cool portrait of Michael Caine welcoming you as you climb the stairs.

Casacinco's courtyard.

Casacinco is, to my mind, the very best place to stay in Vejer and offers five unpretentious, but stylish rooms, each named after one of the five senses.

Aroma, on the top floor, opposite the door to the roof terrace, is compact and petite, but so romantic and utterly charming. Plus, the fabulous roof terrace feels like it’s yours alone. The double bed is veiled by a mosquito net hanging from the exposed ceiling beams and gives the room a fairy tale quality. A wet-room closed off at the other end of the room contains a toilet and a good, strong shower. This room is tiny, it’s true, but it has everything you could want.


Taste, on the ground floor, leads straight off from the courtyard. A much more spacious room than the aforementioned Aroma, Taste has a bathroom complete with a shower and a bath, separated from the room by a glass partition. Vejer comes alive at night, many people not eating until 10pm or later, so this room is ideal for making the best of that. The sound of the street life pulls you right out, and it’s a b-line from the front door when you do eventually stagger back in.


Touch is a larger room with a seating area and larger bathroom, just of the wonderful reading room. The reading room itself, situated on the first floor, overlooking the court yard, is a wonderful place to while away time if you have some spare. Complete with an extensive selection of reading matter and furnished with an eclectic mix of chairs, sofas and lights from the mid-century period, there is also an honesty bar, making it a very difficult room to leave indeed.

The Reading Room.

For space and the views, go with See. With more room, a large bathroom and shower and French windows leading to a balcony offering views of the town, this is one of the most sought after rooms at Casacinco.

Hear, whilst not as large as See or Touch, is full of charm and offers a shower room and features a recessed, star-lit alcove.

The roof terrace.

Perhaps the best thing about Casacinco is the informality. You are greeted as an old friend but then left to your own devices. It’s cool and relaxed and it’s telling that with so much on offer in Vejer and the neigbouring area, it can be hard to leave the building – especially the incredible roof top terrace. Whilst Casacinco isn’t full of the luxuries of the bigger hotels, it feels like you could live there, that, in fact, you want to live there. What more could you could you ask for?


Photography: Christina Wilson.