Blame it on sunshine.

Posted on July 5, 2010


Hello all!

Once again I find myself apologising for a leave of absence. However, who can resist the lure of sunshine and general good weather? It’s not all been lolling around in the sun though; there’s been plenty to occupy me in these last few weeks.

I’ve taken a trip to beautiful Vancouver BC to take in some of that city’s finest food, architecture and stunning scenic locales.

As well as Vancouver, I’ve stopped off in New York to endure their stifling summer sunshine whilst checking out a few bars and restaurants along the way.

Back now in London town to discover that whilst football didn’t come home, the elusive British summer did, and I’m doing my very utmost to enjoy the best parts of it, rather than sit in front of a computer.

Having said that, I will be endeavouring to bring you up to date on my reviews of all things cool and cultural, so stay tuned.


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