Social Suicide

Posted on March 22, 2010


Fancy a twist in your tailoring or a story to your suit? Pop down to Social Suicide in London’s Soho, and you’ll find just that.

Social Suicide not only makes their individually hand-tailored suits and jackets from the finest fabrics and to the highest standards, but also each challenges the preconceived notions of what a suit is supposed to be.

On jackets you will find everything from patches and detailed embroidery, to slashes and horizontal pinstripes. However, many of these quirks are more than just flamboyant artistic gestures – there are more practical details too. For instance, jackets incorporate a full A4 sized pocket and a discreet, strategically placed pocket for your mobile phone, where it will not interfere with the drape.

If this weren’t enough, they also each have a story to tell, and behind every detail there is a reason, every feature a fable.

The new collection, entitled Dictators Of Fashion, draws its stylistic and structural inspiration from military heroes, political figures and tyrannical dictators from the Twentieth Century, from Churchill to Chairman Mao, Mandella to Mussolini.

Why not stand out from the crowd, and commit to Social Suicide.


8 Ganton Street, London, W1F 7QP.

+44 (0)20 7617 7696.